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ao no exorcist babbling (chap. 48 spoilers)

holy sparta batman! i'm actually using my journal to make a post about something for once!!! sadly it is just over fandumb stuff, but heeey. it's something right???

anyway, i just wanted a place where i could dump all of my ane speculations without having a character limit/clogging up my plurk for the five thousandth time today. SO YEAH, LET'S TALK ABOUT SHIMA BEING A POSSIBLE TRAITOR. also this post may be pic heavy. idk it depends on how much effort i want to put in to this thing lmfaskdfj. but i find including pictures to be very helpful, because i'm a visual person. and pictures are rad.

by the time the raws came out for chapter 48 i had been about seven chapters behind. after my timeline blew up on plurk i decided to check it out. needless to say after looking at it i wanted to re-read it instantly. 'cause sometimes things make better sense when you look at things in a different perspective. i started this quest ten days ago and i'm now finally caught up with everything. tho the scans make me want to cry a little...

SO LET'S START OFF WITH CHAPTER 12. BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THINGS START UP. or at least where i noticed them starting up. anywho-- one of the first things that struck my curiosity was seeing shima attack rin in the forest shortly after rin and bon run into shiemi (who got attacked by those moths.) in chapter 12.

top image: chapter 12 page 8 • bottom image: chapter 12 page 9

when i first read this chapter i didn't really think anything of it, because later on you find out that shima has an intense case of entomophobia (fear of bugs). in an omake in volume nine you find out that he freezes up when he encounters any type of bug. there was this type of beetle in front of his dorm room and he could not step over it to enter his room. you also see this phobia play up throughout the rest of the chapter when shima can't walk through the bug swamp to get the candle across. DIGRESSING, shima apologizes for hitting rin by stating that "there were moths all over me... and then i..." and outside of that speech bubble you see him say: "it's all a blur."

chapter 12 page 10.
*NOTE: the quotes i'm using come from viz's translation out of the manga volumes.
the pictures i'm pulling off are from scanalators vs. viz's translators are going to be a bit different!

of course i might be reading too much into this, but i find it really hard to believe that he'd be able to aim at rin with such precision. though i don't really know shima's motives if he really is an illuminati spy, so for all i know that could have just been his irrational fear of bugs acting in. but either way, i'm not ruling that sceen out just yet.

then there's the numerous times he's backed out of helping out his fellow friends/team/exwires in a fight. the first was when the impure king showed up in the kyoto arc, then again at the start of the seven mysteries of true cross academy.

first image: chapter 26 page 18 • second image: chapter 28 page 10 • third & fourth images: chapter 30 page 8 • fifth image: chapter 30 page 10 • sixth image: chapter 40 page 24

sure i can get behind him not being ready to do this type of stuff yet, but if that were the case he would have gone back home after a certain amount of time. i get that being an exorcist is a big deal in the shima family. so it was probably expected of him to follow in the family's footsteps. but surely they'd understand if he tried it and found out that it wasn't for him. as i'm sure bon and koneko would understand too! sure they had a promise, but i'm sure they'd respect shima's feelings if this wasn't his cup of tea. in the very least i think koneko would. so this leads me to believe that he's in this for something else.

AND THAT LEADS ME TO SPECULATING SHIMA'S POSSIBLE MOTIVES. in chapter 30 you get a tiny glimpse into shima's past. there you find out that the eldest shima son takezou died protecting renzou and bon.

chapter 30 page 12

if it weren't for that, and the fact that shima told bon: "i've always kept quiet because of your parents... but i've got to say something... you're gonna die, you know that?" in chapter 27. again i could potentially be reading too much into this, but why is he telling bon that? what's his purpose? what's he getting at?? i first thought that he meant that the impure king was going to kill him if he went off in his father's place, because rin automatically cut in saying that hey'd save bon. but now??? THE PLOT THICKENS, basically.

and then there's this beauty of a gem.

chapter 47 page 31

IF SHIMA ISN'T AN ILLUMINATI SPY, THEN WHAT IS HE? because all of this is a lot for someone who just doesn't give a crap in wanting to be an exorcist. if he isn't working for them, then who is he working for? because he has to be working for someone. his interest for izumo isn't natural anymore since he's constantly seen caring about her. [edited in/expanded on:] i.e. he's always seen flirting with her, talking with her, and hanging around her. but she shoots him down as often as she could, enough for a normal guy to get the hint that she's not interested. i don't necessarily think he's interest in her is 100% fake? i can definitely get behind the idea of him keeping an eye on her and THEN later getting attached to her as time goes on/he gets to know her more. especially when you look at chapter 37.5.

also tossing this in as an added bonus i'll figure out later when it's not almost one o'clock in the morning. but another potential speculation about how he got yamantaka. shima mentioned having him ever since he was a child, he just never summoned him since it took a lot out of him to do so. BUT!!! he could have probably gotten it when take-nii died or something??!? the shima family shrouded in ~*~mystery~*~