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11 August 2012 @ 03:53 pm
so I usually don't make these kinds of posts, but after doing a major overhaul of my muselist I've come up with a small but semi-decent list of usernames that I only grabbed during the "heat of the moment" and will only collect dust sitting here. just let me know which account(s) you want to take and I'll PM you from there :)

MOST of these accounts (except for the ones marked with a blue asterisk) have never been used before! So they're ready to be broken in. ALSO most of these accounts have the code up for flexi squares layouts. so if you'd like to go with a DW layout just go to "customize style" and choose a different layout from there.

[personal profile] pacifistwizard
[personal profile] hoedown
[personal profile] damnteenagers
[personal profile] sightbeyond
[personal profile] origamically
[personal profile] shandian
[personal profile] powerobsessed
[personal profile] aidas
[personal profile] maskunderneath
[personal profile] blessedbymuses
[personal profile] daxanator
*[personal profile] historyphile
*[personal profile] mendokusei
*[personal profile] amongstsheep
*[personal profile] craftingrebel
*[personal profile] dudeologist
*[personal profile] shelteredbrat

thank you for your time and consideration~

* names with these beside it are going to require a small something in return. i am rather fond of these names.
* this is mostly up for grabs, but it's got a lot of old game stuff. you're welcome to take it down or have me take it down. but yeah, just giving that heads up.

ALTERNATIVELY if you would like me to delete icons/profile/hmd entries just let me know!! c:
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20 January 2012 @ 07:33 pm
conner kent
▐ @ haven
young justice invasion

kiyotaka ishimaru
▐ @ haven

jean kirstein
▐ @ game
shingeki no kyojin

leia rolando
▐ @ homeless
tales of xillia

ryuuji suguro
ao no exorcist

nagisa hazuki

obito uchiha

grover underwood
percy jackson

kanji tatsumi
smt: persona 4

sugata shindou
star driver

guy cecil
tales of the abyss

cecil aijima

code by [community profile] whaleparties & [community profile] jerky
Music: Yoko Shimomura ♬ L'Apprenti Sorcier
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